Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kaleo - Soul Graffiti

Like i said i'd be adding some of my music to the site. It's hard to get into the studio now a days if you don't got the funds to do so. Most of the music i recorded was from home on my computer so they are [LQ] clips of my music. Once i get some more time and money for the studio (hehe) i'll get back to you all with [HQ] clips of my music for sure! Click the picture above to check out my site and let me know what think?!

Welcome To My Music Blogspot:

I wanted to create a music blog to keep you up on artist who don't always get noticed or recognized for their amazing talents. There will be a few post every now and then about artist that are well known that i admire. I also will be posting some of my music and art from time to time so stay in touch. - Kaleo