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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Beyonce Photos From The Tyra Show [Credit Me If You Use Them Please]

Beyonce photos from the Tyra show! They aren't the best quality, But they are pretty good!
I took them on my camera GHETTO style!!! HAHA ENJOY!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beyonce Rehearsing "Single Ladies" with her band!

Live Performance: Beyonce performs on TYRA [11/26/08]

"If I Were A Boy"

"Single Ladies"

Video Premiere: The DEY - I Need You

Behind-The-Scenes w/ the cast of Cadillac Records

Cadillac Records in theaters December 2nd 2008.

Artist Of The Month: Brandy ft. Mase - Top Of The World [1998]

This is "Top Of The World" one of the singles lifted from Brandy's 1998 hit album "Never Say Never". I remember she was doing it big in the day yo, Go pick up the new album "Human" in stores December 9th 2008.

TV Appearance: Mariah Carey on Ellen TODAY! [11/26/08]

Mariah will be on Ellen today to talk about her new album, new fragrance, and marriage to Nick Cannon.

Check your local listings!

Beyonce performs on The Today Show / Concert Series [11/26/08]

"If I Were A Boy"

"At Last"

"Single Ladies"

"Crazy In Love"

Video Premiere: Ne-Yo - Mad [3rd Single]

Video Premiere: Leona Lewis - Run

Video Premiere Preview: Britney - Circus [2nd Single]

Beyonce Interview & Performances on Ellen

"Beyonce Interview"

"Flaws & All"

"Single Ladies"

"If I Were A Boy"

New Music: Dawn of Danity Kane ft. Que of Day26 - Broken Promises

Dawn & Que - Broken Promises [DL]

New Music: Musiq Soulchild - I Wanna Be

Musiq Soulchild - I Wanna Be [DL]
Musiq Soulchild: OnMyRadio in stores December 9th 2008.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Preview of Beyonce on TYRA [11/26/08]

This is just a short clip from the Tyra show where Beyonce will appearing on 11/26/08. Tyra gives Beyonce a special wedding gift i wonder what it is HAHA. Watch the clip it's funny!!

On The Set of "DIVA" Beyonce's next single & video

The "Diva" video looks off the hook I can't wait until this video drops! Beyonce will also be dropping "Halo" at the same time. I'm sure that both videos will be fly! Check out the clips & tell me what you think?!

The 2008 American Music Awards [11/23/08]

Christina Aguilera Medley

NKOTB Medley

Pink - Sober

Ne-Yo Medley

Miley Cyrus - Fly On The Wall

Taylor Swift - White Horse

Better In Time AMA Live
by yardie4lifever2

Leona Lewis - Better In Time

Mariah Carey - I Stay In Love

Beyonce - Single Ladies

Pussycat Dolls Medley

Jonas Brothers - Tonight

Justin Timberlake Introducing Annie Lennox and her performance

Kanye West - Heartless

Rihanna - Rehab

Natasha Bedingfield Medley

There are many more performance's once i find the rest i'll post them for you to watch! I got to be honest i think that everyone did a good job in their own realm of musical performances, But it was a big snooze-fest until Beyonce and everyone else after her took the stage. I mean the show started off kind of cool, Christina opened the show on a cool note, Then New Kids On The Block were kind of "eh" i was expecting more from them. Pink did good i was expecting "So What" though i mean it's an awards show. I think Leona did a great job, Taylor Swift was good,but that's right about when i started falling asleep, Ne-Yo he hardly was singing and i was mad at that, the girl dancing in the red dress was a little more entertaining then him (not hatin, I'm the biggest Ne-Yo fan!)... Natasha Bedingfield was pretty good, I really enjoyed the medley.

It was a good night for Miley she woke me up a little bit,Coldplay & The Fray was off the hook, Mariah is a classic she did very well, Then Beyonce came out and taught everyone how it's done she didn't need a big stage set up and had everyone on their feet, The Jonas Brothers were ok not bad at all, Pussycat Dolls were sexy as ever,but performance was a little rusty, the wardrobe malfunction with the jackets threw them off big time! (<---Had to fix what i said after watching it again), Kanye was off the chain literally the man can do no wrong in a performance, Rihanna dazzled the stage with her performance, and then Sarah & Pink performed a duet that was classic, & Alicia Keys closed the show with special guest Queen Latifah & A Opera singer that just ripped the stage it was off the hook!
I mean that's just my opinion, drop me a comment and give me your views on the show!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Forget The Hiatus, I'm back!!!

Hey guys i'm going to do a post covering the AMA's and tell what i thought about the show! I'm still watching it, But tune in tommorrow to the site and i'll post it sometime during the day haha!!! I'll be working on my PC so updates will come in a little slower then usual, But i couldn't stay away too long haha!

Video Premiere: Novel - I Am ft. Ben Folds, Talib Kweli & Spree Wilson

Friday, November 21, 2008

Brandy covers the November/December issue of "Jet Magazine"

Brandy is on the cover of the November/December 2008 issue of "Jet Magazine".

Picture Of The Moment: Kaleo & Solange @ Mall Tour [Back In The Day]

This is when Solange was doing the Music World Entertainment mall tour and she performed a few songs off her "Solo Star" debut album. It was a dope moment i'll never forget. She was one of the sweetest people i've met. I told her what a big fan I was & we chatted it up for a minute. She signed my promo,cd single, & my binder, It was too fly!

Beyonce on The Tyra Banks Show 11/26/08

Beyonce will be on "The Tyra Banks Show" 11/26/08 check out your local listings.

Live Performances: John Legends performs for Yahoo! Music / Pepsi Smash Live!

"Green Light"

"Everybody Knows"

"It's Over"

This guy is so off the hook, Dope performances i wanna sing background for him haha!!!

Behind The Scenes: John Legend's next video "Everbody Knows"

I can't wait to see JL's next video for single #2 "Everybody Knows" off his new album "Evolver" in stores now! I was hoping he would make a video for this track, The man can do no wrong when it comes to good music! If you don't got the album you are missing out,
Go pick up your copy TODAY!

Beyonce ready's next dual single's off "I Am...Sasha Fierce"

As you all know or may have heard "Halo" and "Ego" were set to be the next 2 single's to be released from the "I Am...Sasha Fierce" album. I recently just found out that the power ballad "Halo" and club banger "Diva" are now the official dual single's that will be released off the album. I'm really excited to see what they bring as far as concepts to both these videos. I'm a really visual person, So it's already running thru my head what i would vision them to look like. I guess we'll have to wait and see, I made the graphic above what you guys think?! Drop a comment!!

Video Premiere: Evidence - Don't Hate ft. Defari

Evidence - "Don't Hate" ft. Defari

Evidence's album "Lay Over" in stores November 25,2008.

New Movie Soundtrack: Twilight

Twilight The Movie Soundtrack [DL]
1. “Supermassive Black Hole” (Muse) – 3:29
2. “Decode” (Paramore) – 4:22
3. “Full Moon” (The Black Ghosts) – 3:50
4. “Leave Out All the Rest” (Linkin Park) – 3:20
5. “Spotlight [Twilight Mix]” (Mute Math) – 3:20
6. “Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)” (Perry Farrell) – 3:27
7. “Tremble for My Beloved” (Collective Soul) – 3:53
8. “I Caught Myself” (Paramore) – 3:55
9. “Eyes on Fire” (Blue Foundation) – 5:01
10. “Never Think” (Robert Pattinson) – 4:29
11. “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” (Iron & Wine) – 4:00
12. “Bella’s Lullaby” (Carter Burwell) – 2:19
Twilight In Theaters TODAY!

In Theaters Today: Twilight

I'm going out tonight for sure to check this out, I can't wait!!

Preview Brandy's New Album "Human" @ Now!!

Preview "Human" @ Now!
[Album in stores 12/09/08]

New Music: J.Holiday - It's Yours

J.Holiday - It's Yours (1st.single) [DL]

Beyonce & Takuya Kimura for Samantha Thavasa Handbags new AD Photo Shoot!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Artist Of The Month: Brandy - I Wanna Be Down/Bestfriend/Broken-Hearted/Baby [1994-95]

"I Wanna Be Down"




I should've done this along time ago, But it's better late then never. Since "Brandy" is my artist of the month, I was thinking it would be kind of cool to post some of her past work to anticipate the arrival of her new project "Human" set to hit stores 12/09/08. These are the video's for "I Wanna Be Down/Bestfriend/Broken-Hearted/Baby" a few singles off her debut album "Brandy" released in 1994-95, I'll post them randomly ENJOY!!

Video Premiere: Slim - Good Lovin' ft. Ryan Leslie & Fabolous [2nd Single]

Here goes the 2nd single off Slim's debut solo album "Love's Crazy" in stores now! This is the video for "Good Lovin" featuring Ryan Leslie & Fabolous.

Rihanna's Commercial for "Gucci's New Handbag Collection"

Here is the commercial for Gucci's new handbag collection called "Tattoo Heart Collection" featuring Rihanna, 25% of all proceeds when purchasing the handbag goes to UNICEF. Check it out and tell me what you think ok?!

Video Premiere: Keri Hilson - Turnin Me On ft. Lil Wayne

Here is the video for Keri's 3rd single "Turnin Me On ft.Lil Wayne" off her up-coming debut project "In A Perfect World" the album has been pushed back twice. I can't wait til it drops, Keri confirmed that due to most of her album leaking she is back in the studio creating all new music the other day on 106 & Park. When the album comes out at the top of 2009 remember to go pick up and support your favorite artists & pick up the album!

New Music Update: Mariah Carey - Right To Dream [HQ Version]

Mariah Carey - Right To Dream [HQ/DL]

Here goes the high quality version of a new track from Mariah called "Right To Dream" from the movie "Tennessee" also starring the singer. Check it out and ENJOY!

Video Premiere: Sugababes - No Can Do [2nd Single]

I really like the Sugababes, They are always so classy, stylish,edgy and HOT! HAHA!! Here goes the video for the 2nd Single "No Can Do" off the Sugababes brand new album "Catfights & Spotlights" in stores & online now!!

New Album: Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak [Myspace Preview]

Click the [Listen Now] button above
to listen to the entire album via

I had to take the link down, But don't forget go out and pick up Kanye's dope new album in stores 11/24/08.

Video Premiere: Q-Tip - Renaissance Rap

Video Premiere: Solange - T.O.N.Y [3rd Single]

I really love the concept of the video, I'm sure people are going to be hatin' on it. Check it out and tell me what you think ok?!
This is the video for "T.O.N.Y" the 3rd single off her 2nd album "Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams" in stores now!

New Mixtape: Izza Kizza - Kizzaland [HOT !!]

This is such a dope mixtape, Check it out ok?!
[Review Coming Soon!]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Live Performances: Aretha Franklin, Leona Lewis, Julianna Hough, & John Legend [11/18/08]

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

John Legend - Green Light

Julianne Hough - My Hallelujah Song

Aretha Franklin - Respect

Aretha Franklin - Chain Of Fools

Live Performance: Beyonce performed ... If I Were A Boy, At Last, & Single Ladies on 106 & Park (11/18/08)

"If I Were A Boy"

"Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"

"At Last"

New Music: Beyoncé - Si Yo Fuera Un Chico /If I Were A Boy (Spanish Version)

Beyoncé - Si Yo Fuera Un Chico /If I Were A Boy (Spanish Version) [DL]

New Music: Out Today ...

Slim of 112 - Love's Crazy [In Stores Now!]

Beyonce - I Am...Sasha Fierce [In Stores Now!]

Who Will You Be Buying??

Monday, November 17, 2008

Video Premiere: Coldplay - Lost ft. Jay-Z

Live Performance: Solange performs on On Later Live w/ Jools Holland

"I Decided"

"Sandcastle Disco"

Like always Solange delivers a awesome performance! She performed "I Decided" & "Sandcastle Disco" for the "On Later Live w/ Jools Holland Show. Check out and tellme what you think ok?!

New Music: Taj Jackson of r&b trio 3T

Taj Jackson of 3T - Me [DL]
I know you all remember the r&b trio 3T, They are the sons of Tito Jackson of the Jackson5. Well they came out with an album in the early 90's that did pretty good, But just got lost among all the other albums that dropped the year it came out. I bring you a track by "Taj Jackson" (far right) called "Me". It's mos def a HOT TRACK!! Worth the listen. Check it out and tell me what you think ok?!

Previouly Unreleased: Nicole Scherzinger - Physical ft. Timbaland

Nicole Scherzinger - Physical ft. Timbaland [DL]
I'm sure you all heard the snippet of the track "Physical ft. Timbaland" that came out earlier this year. Now the track is here in full, I wish her album came out I think it would of been HOT!! They didn't give her the promotion push she needed to make it happen. Here goes the full version, Check it out and tell me what you think ok?!

Video Premiere: Rihanna - Rehab ft. Justin Timberlake

Beyonce does AOL Sessions Live!

Beyonce is doing it big right now she is everywhere! Check out the performances below. She performed "If I Were A Boy", "Single Ladies", "At Last", "Me Myself & I", & "Irreplaceable", What a fly set, She did an AMAZING job!

"If I Were A Boy"

"Single Ladies(Put A Ring On It)"


"Me, Myself, & I"

"At Last (Etta James Cover)"

Video Premiere: Mya - Paradise

New Music: J.Holiday - Sing 2 U

J.Holiday - Sing 2 U [DL]

San Francisco B-Boy's / Break Dancers...

Yesterday, I went to San Francisco & while we were on the Fisherman's Wharf I caught some B-Boy's gettin their boogie on. I didn't get a lot of it, But if you can see this guy does a back flip over these 2 guys that were standing up right after he gets out of the flare. It was bannanas, I remember i used to go there all the time cruise the shops and chill by the Pier and just watch the artist do their thing.
These guys just got back from Brazil and they were showing everyone what they learned out there, I know it's not much I wish I got more.

Live Performance: Beyonce performs "If I Were A Boy", "Single Ladies", & "Crazy In Love" on the TRL Finale

MTV's TRL finale was lastnight Sunday 11/16/08. Beyonce among other artists stopped by to visit & perform as the show came to it's final airing on MTV. Beyonce performed "If I Were A Boy", "Single Ladies", & brought everyone back to her 1st solo hit "Crazy In Love". I'm going to miss TRL in a way, I mean it started being more about reality shows & interviews more towards the end than it was about the music videos, but they always had good news updates though. Check out the performance B rocked this performance!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ciara does Interview backstage @ Wild 94.9's Wild Jam [11/12/08]

Live Performance: Leona Lewis performs "Run" Live on X-Factor

Leona performed her new single "Run" off the Deluxe Edition of her smash hit album "Spirit". She always does a beautiful job, Go pick up the album in stores and online.

Live Performance: Beyonce performs "If I Were A Boy" & "Single Ladies" + "Single Ladies Parody"

This was a really enjoyable SNL show, Paul Rudd is hilarious and Beyonce did a awesome job on the performances & the parody with surprise guest Justin Timberlake & Friends was too funny!! Check it out and tell me what you think ok?! Enjoy!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Video Premiere: Gym Class Heroes - Guilty As Charged ft. Estelle

Beyonce does Interview w/ Myspace's "The Hook Up"

I like this interview she really is starting to show more of who she is and in a very slick way, tells the haters wsup. I like Beyonce because she knows how to fight back without being nasty about it. She also explains the reason why she brought a 2 disc record this time around with "I Am being the more intimate, vunrable, sensitive side of her personality and giving everyone the next level of her alter-ego...Sasha Fierce! It's mos def a hot concept and people are really just hatin on her right now. Don't forget to pick up "I Am...Sasha Fierce" in stores November 18th, 2008.
I won't be posting the album, so go out and GET IT! haha

New Music: Chris Brown

Chris Brown - Believer [DL]

Live Performance: Sugababes perform "Girls" @ Children In Need 2008

New Music: Mario

Mario - Before She Said ft. Young Chris [DL]

New Music: Ciara

Ciara - Explode [DL]

New Music: Toni Braxton - Melt

Toni Braxton - Melt [DL]

Video Premiere: Deborah Cox - Beautiful U R

Live Performances from Wild 94.9's "Wild Jam 2008" featuring headliners T.I. & Ciara & Many More...

Check out the performances below from
Wild Jam 2008 in San Jose, Ca. on 11/12/08

Ciara - Goodies/Oh/1,2, Step

Ciara - Go Girl

Ciara - High Price ft. Ludacris

Ciara - Fantasy Ride Track/ Promise

T.I. - Why You Wanna

T.I. - Live Your Life

T.I. - Bring Em Out

T.I. - Whatever You Like

E-40 - Wake It Up ft. Akon

Ludacris - What Them Girls Like

Shontelle - T-Shirt

These are just some of the best performances i could find online from "WildJam 2008", As you can see the quality isn't good at all never is haha. I'm mad that i had to work this night and i was only 20 minutes away from the stadium in San Jose grrr! T.I.,Ciara,E-40,Akon,Ludacris,Shontelle, & Kevin Rudolf performed, I think Cassie was suppose to host the show but i couldn't find any videos of her so maybe she canceled.It really is a dope show and the tickets start at only $20 dollars. Check it out and tell me what you think ok?! Click the link to see more pictures --> []

P.S. If you scroll down a little more my sister "Leilani" is the "Listener Of The Day" haha.

Live TV Appearance: Beyonce Commercial for SNL Tonight!!

Paul Rudd will be the celebrity guest host of tonight's SNL show, Also Beyonce will be performing some of the songs from her up-coming release I Am...Sasha Fierce! Check your local listings...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Live Performance & Interview: Beyonce on Radio 1's Live Lounge

Beyonce stopped by Radio 1's Live Lounge in the UK for a interview with radio host Sara, Also to perform "If I Were A Boy" & "Irreaplacable". She talks briefly about her performance at the EMA's and her alter-ego Sasha Fierce. If you would like to listen to the interview and performance click on the photo above to do so.

Beyonce covers GQ Germany & V Magazine Photo Spread

Above is Beyonce on the cover GQ Magazine,
Germany Edition. The issue is out December 2008.
Below is Beyonce's Photo Spread in V Magazine
and 3 covers for the magazine.

Check them out and tell me what you think ok?!

Video Premiere: James Morrison - Nothing Ever Hurt Like You

Keyshia Cole's "A Different Me" Official Album Cover...

I got to say Keyshia look's beautiful and the cover is pretty cool. Don't forget to pick up her new album in stores December 16, 2008. Check it out & tell me what you think?!

Live Performance: Alicia Keys performs "Superwoman" on The View

Alicia Keys will be releasing the "Super Edition" of "As I Am" in stores November 24, 08

New Music: Menudo - Forbidden Love

Menudo - Forbidden Love [DL]

Check out their latest video for the single "Lost".

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Live Interview & Performance: Beyonce on Oprah

Beyonce Interview on Oprah

Beyonce performs "If I Were A Boy" on Oprah

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

90's Throwback: Tracie Spencer - It's All About You (Not About Me) [1999]

Tracie Spencer - It's All About You (Not About Me) [DL]
[produced by: Soulshock & Karlin]

Check out the video =)

Song Of The Moment: Adele - Chasing Pavements [Live]

Well tonight the fabulous artist "Adele" will be my 'Song Of The Moment". The song is entitled "Chasing Pavements" and it's off Adele's latest release album "Adele:19" this i a live version of the track!! I just love the tone of her voice, check it out and tell me if you like it! Goodnight!!

New Artist: Natalia "Verbz" Cappuccini - Real Woman [Special Visitors Request]

Natalia "Verbz" Cappuccini - Real Woman [DL]
The other day i posted the video premiere for "Real Woman" and now here goes the mp3 by special request. I'm really feelin this track, I'm really into the production of the track, you know like the beat and then i get to the lyrics later after the 3rd listen i know if i'm diggin it! This is a hot track mos definately a artist that's going to make it BIG!!

Live Performance: Michelle Williams does AOL Sessions!!

Hello Heartbreak

Private Party


We Break The Dawn

The Greatest

Video Premiere Preview: Rihanna - Rehab

New Album Preview: Britney Spears - Circus

Britney Spears - Circus [Album Preview]
Here goes a 8 minute preview of 6 tracks from Britney's up-coming release "Circus" in stores 12/02/08.

Beyonce covers the December issue of "Rolling Stone Magazine" in Japan!

Beyonce will be on the cover the December issue of "Rolling Stone Magazine" in Japan. It look's like our girl Beyonce is everywhere, But that's how she does it ...BIG!! Much love going out to for the cover photo. If you want to see the rest of the article and photo spread [Click Here]

Remember Naturi Naughton Ex-Member of 3LW ??

I'm sure all of you have heard off the new movie "N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S" the story of late hip hop artist "Biggie Smalls" that will be hittin' theaters early 2009. Well Naturi Naughton ex-member of r&b trio 3LW will be playing the role of "Queen Bee aka Lil Kim" in the up-coming film, She is also covering the up-coming issue of "King Magazine". It's pretty cool to see her coming back on the scene after so long. Naturi has a really beautiful voice, Hopefully this film will inspire a album?! Here goes the trailer below check it out ok?!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Artist: Natalia Cappuccini aka Verbz-Real Woman [Video Premiere]

Natalia Cappuccini - Real Woman [DL]

I know you all remember an artist named "Verbz" she dropped a single earlier this year called "Shopaholic" it was mos def a HOT track!! I was looking around and she goes by her real name now which is "Natalia Cappuccini" here goes the video premiere for her latest single "Real Woman". I found this video at my friends blog at, check it out and enjoy the new music.

New Promotional Pics/New Music from Beyonce's "I Am...Sasha Fierce" + "That's Why You're Beautiful"


Beyonce - That's Why You're Beautiful [Full Version]

New Music: Brandy - Drum Life

Brandy - Drum Life [DL]