Friday, July 31, 2009

Battle Of The Bald Headed Beauties Begins ....

Solange is still cute to me,But I miss her hair HAHA!
(purely self expression,gotta love her,just a shock since i just seen her a week before she shaved it all off)

Cassie still lookin cute,was just a shocker at first =P
(I still think she could've gone a little more edgy tho)
Rihanna is rockin the shaved faux hawk!
(The reigning fashionista)
Amelle is workin the shaved side A-Cut
(The smartest of the bunch i think,very versitile cut)

Amber Rose is holdin it down the bald look
(This is too cute on her)
Who's your favorite bald headed diva of the moment?

D&G Fragrance Anthology - The new fragrances by D&G

At the top of this week D&G released a series of new fragrances called 'D&G Fragrance Anthology' featuring a set of supermodels to represent each inticing new scent. Starting with The provocative Le Bateleur – Tyson Ballou; the irrepressible L’Imperatrice – Naomi Campbell; sensual L’Amoureux – Noah Mills; daring La Roue de la Fortune – Eva Herzigova and Fernando Fernandes; and hypnotizing La Lune – Claudia Schiffer. I'm a sucker for D&G a new fragrance and probably will be picking up 'Le Bateleur' asap, HAHA!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Artist: Marco - Album Release Info + Free Music Download

Introducing New Artist: Marco

This is one of my friends and a very talented young man named Marco who's goal is to inspire crowds with his music as he has been inspired by many other musicians. He describes his style of music as 'Pop' and quotes "I just wanted to make a great pop album" and you can def hear that in his music. At 17 years old this guy writes all his lyrics and co-produces most of his tracks, His 1st single entitled "Space Machine" which is a uptempo track will be the first record released off the debut album 'In His Shoes' set for release in the next 2 months or so. As a special gift to all his listeners out there he offers up a free download of a bonus track called 'You Can't Touch My Body' Which I have posted below along with the single cover artwork. I'm also going to be working with this guy on some up-coming photoshoots and album design work so i'll most def keep you posted! ENJOY and discover new artist MARCO! [click here to add him on myspace]
Marco - You Can't Touch My Body [DL]

New Music: Kid Cudi - Call Me Moon Man

Kid Cudi - Call Me Moon Man [DL]

Sugababes 'Get Sexy' Promo Photos + Video Stills

The Sugababes are always classy,unique, & fresh and I'm really feelin Amelle's hair haha. Check it out and tell me what you think of the photos! ENJOY!

Video Premiere: Sugababes - Get Sexy [Kaleo's Song Of The Moment]

This is the video for 'Get Sexy' the 1st single to drop from the new Sugababes album. It's a hot song and the girls look stunning in the video, But the quality of the video is different from what they've had before. Nonetheless these ladies are hot! Check it out and ENJOY!

Video Premiere: Shakira - She Wolf

Video Fixed!

Video Premiere: Fabolous - Everything, Everyday, Everywhere ft. Keri Hilson [produced by Ryan Leslie]

Here is the official video for the single 'Everything,Everyday,Everywhere' off of Fabolous's new album 'Losos Way' in stores this past tuesday 7/28/09. It's sounding like a pretty clean album so far. The track was produced by Ryan Leslie and features Keri Hilson on the hook, A hot, hot song! Check out the video and all the little cameos by Ryan Leslie,Rick Ross,Maybach,Amerie,Adrienne Bailon & a couple others it's pretty dope.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Artist: NEVA [Midnightview]

I'm not sure if his artist name is Neva or Midnightview, But either way this dude is bringing some serious talent. He is a hip hop artist with a whole new swagger, He just added me on myspace and instantly I became a fan of his sound and music. He currently has a mixtape up on his myspace that is available for free download! Go to his site check it out and tell him who send you over his way!

Kristinia DeBarge performs 'Good Bye' on The Wendy Williams Show / Regis & Kelly

It most definately is cool to see some younger talent coming out of the DeBarge Family, Showing that they are still able to bring that good talent and music to the scene. Though the performance on The Wendy Williams Show is a little bit of a mess, She still was singing her tail off no doubt. I think it's either she wasn't wearing a ear piece or their sound system was messed up I don't know, But once it got to the chorus it was just off completely. Below was her performance at Regis&Kelly and she did very well so it's not a question of she can't sing, Because the girl most definately can. Check it out and tell me what you think?! ENJOY!

Kristinia DeBarge 'Exposed' in stores 7/28/09 TODAY!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Solange goes BALD

At first I was a little shocked, Because I just saw her perform live on the 17th of july with a full head of hair. Above are the bald shot and the live shot i took at the show. I think she is workin it though with the bald look, It's not a surprise that she would do something this eccentric. She is all about artistic expression and I think thats exactly what she is doing. Love Solo anyway she is just AMAZING!

FUSE presents Kanye West Live / From The Chicago Theatre 7/25/09 (Television World Premiere)

I'm really excited to see what Kanye is bringing out for the live show. Be sure to tune in July 25th 2009 @ 8p.m. on FUSE, Also check your local listings for times in your area.

The 'Open Happiness' Music Video Premiere

It's a really fun video and such a positive song. It also contains a very diverse set of artists as you can see in the video. The video was directed by. Alan Ferguson and is sponsered by Coca Cola.

New Music: Mr.Hudson - White Lies

Mr.Hudson - White Lies [DL]

New Music: Trey Songz - Bed, Bad, & Beyond

Trey Songz - Bed,Bad, & Beyond [DL]

Video Premiere: Tata Young - Ready For Love

Video Premiere: N.A.S.A. - Whatchadoin ft. MIA,Santogold,Spank Rock, & Nick Zinner

Video Premiere: Jay Sean - Down ft. Lil Wayne

This is the first single off British R&B star Jay Sean's U.S. debut album set to drop sometime in October 2009. Check out the video above named 'Down' featuring hip hop superstar Lil Wayne.

Keri Hilson performs 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley on Pepsi Smash

New Music: Letoya Luckett - Regret ft. Ludacris

Letoya Luckett - Regret ft. Ludacris [NODJ/DL]

New Music: Keri Hilson covers 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley

Keri Hilson - Crazy [Gnarls Barkley Cover]

Live Performance: The Script perform 'Breakeven' on The View

Video Premiere: BoA - Energetic

New Album: Kristina DeBarge Official Album Cover + Tracklisting

Kristina Debarge - Exposed [Album In Stores 7/28/09]
01. Somebody 3:26
02. Future Love 3:23
03. Speak Up 3:42
04. Goodbye 3:28
05. Sabotage 3:12
06. Dies In Your Eyes 3:46
07. Powerless 3:41
08. Cried Me A River 4:21
09. Doesnt Everybody Want To Fall In Love 3:40
10. Its Gotta Be Love 3:07
11. Disconnect 4:01
Kristina DeBarge - Exposed [Album In Stores 7/28/09]
Kristina DeBarge is the niece of r&b soul crooner Chico DeBarge who has also recently released his new album in stores now called 'Addiction'. I just picked it up last week and it is a really good album, I've always been a big fan of The Debarge family and their music. Go out and support Kristina's project in stores & online 7/28/09 ENJOY!

Video Premiere: Ten Second Epic - Everyday ft. Lights

Video Premiere: Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart

Video Premiere: The Saturdays - Work (Cahill Official Video Remix)

Live Performance: Chrisette Michele performs 'What You Do' on The Wendy Williamd Show

'Epiphany' in stores now!

A Message From Chris Brown to Rihanna & Fans

Leave some comments about what you thought of his first public apology to Rihanna & Fans in 5 months. In the comment box below, I'm not even going to say too much or atleast try =P. I just feel it was all written out and then said it just seems like it, Right? I mean I think he is sincere, But it should of flowed out a little more naturally don't you think? Nonetheless he has a new album on the way said to be called 'Graffiti'. I know I said because of the battery issues that I wouldn't support his music on here, Because of my strong belief in non-violent acts ecspecially towards women. I'm just extremely dissappointed as a former fan of his music you know what I mean? Haha Looks like i did say a lot after all huh? LOL

New Music: Pharrell Williams - Despicable Me

Pharrell - Despicable Me [DL]
Here is a new track by Pharrell Williams called 'Despicable Me'. The track is said to be the theme song for a new 3D animated film that the 'N.E.R.D.' frontman is currently working on. It is set for release sometime in 2010!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Music: Goapele - Milk & Honey [Free Download]

Goapele - Milk & Honey [Free download on Goapele's site]

New Music: Mika - We Are Golden

Mika - We Are Golden [DL]

New Music: Christina Milian - Chameleon ft. The Dream

New Video: Chrisette Michele - What You Do

I'm really feelin Chrisette Michele a lot of people are just hearing of her now, But I've been a fan from the beginning. Why is that some artist are slept on when they are bringing serious talent to the table? Anyway check it out and leave some comment love! Where ya'll at I miss ya?! LOL The above track is called 'What You Do' featuring none other then Ne-Yo on background vocals of her new album in stores called 'Epiphany' go out and get your copy!

New Music: Monica - Let Me Know ft. Missy Elliot

Monica - Let Me Know ft. Missy Elliot [DL]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Solange Knowles performs @ The Alameda County Fair 2009

It was such a fun show lastnight, Solange was amazing! Her personality was so free-spirited and humble you could feel it pouring off the stage into the audience. On top of that it was a free w/ admission concert, but with the energy she brought it was like a stadium arena without the high price LOVED IT! Later i'll add more videos and pictures from the event. Excuse the videos my camera was filled with other pictures and videos so there in clips, I don't know why I didn't clear up space before the show grrr haha. She performed 'T.O.N.Y.,6'OClock Blues,Valentines Day,Cosmic Journey,Sandcastle Disco/Would've Been The One,Dancing In The Dark,I Decided/Heat Wave & a cover by Bjork & No Doubt i think.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Music: Chico DeBarge - Oh No (1st.single)

Now this is a artist I've been waiting to hear from. Chico is set to release his new album July 14th and I'm on a search to find it haha! The neo-soul males are coming back hard this year, The above track is called 'Oh No' the first track to be released from the new set. Check it out and tell me what you think?! ENJOY!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Music: Beyonce - Ice Cream Truck (Mixtape Exclusive)

It sort of sounds like a earlier recorded track, But it's a pretty smooth song. It doesn't sound like anything she would have recorded recently though, So idk check it out and tell me what you think ok? ENJOY! (Trackmasters Inc. Exclusive)

Friday, July 10, 2009

David Guetta & kelly Rowland perform 'When Love Takes Over" on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Breathtaking, I love Ms. Kelly!

New Music: Amerie - Red Eye

*Sigh* I love Amerie can she just marry me? haha! Amerie if you out there and see this do you except my proposal? LOL j/k but oh my she is just stunning =P

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Music: Sugababes - Get Sexy (Full HQ Version)

This is rumored to be the first U.S. single by U.K. super group the 'Sugababes' under the direction of ROC-A-FELLA records and Island Def Jam producers. It's a pretty hot track it needs to grow on me a little more. I'm sure it will though I love me some SUGABABES haha!! ENJOY!!

Video Premiere:Beyonce - Sweet Dreams/Beautiful Nightmare

Such a dope video I'm glad she came out with a visual for 'Sweet Dreams'. A lot of people have their views on Beyonce and the less costly videos they say she is coming with, But I think she is making all the right moves and looking out for the future projects. Remember everyone the economy isn't at its best right now and even celebrities are making sacrafices where they are needed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beyonce's Tribute To Michael Jackson

It's really a beautiful rendition, just a slightly altered version of Beyonce's hit single 'Halo' dedicated to Michael Jackson. Check it out and tell me what you think about the clip, OK?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Exclusive Video: Michael Jackson: 'This Is It' Tour Footage ['The Last Rehearsal']

It's amazing to see this clip, It look's to me as if Michael was in good shape. Which makes it a mystery as to why he passed just 48 hours after this clip had been recorded. He endured from what has been said, 100 hours of prep and rehersals for his which would have been up-coming 2009 tour. Watching this clip just proves that he was a master at his craft. He really is the un-disputed 'King Of Pop Music' his music and life has influenced many no matter what anyone says.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Video Premiere: Drake - Best I Ever Had

This is def the jam of the summer, My jam of the year LOL! haha

Video Premiere: LeToya Luckett - She Ain't Got S*** On Me

I like the fact the LeToya is emerging as a solo artist. I wish her the best on her sophmore album 'Lady Love'. I'll keep you updated as I get updated!