Thursday, December 11, 2008

To My Visitors: KMBB LOVES YOU ALL!!!!

Well lately i've noticed that tons of blogs have been getting deleted and I don't want that to happen to mine. I love being able to share new music and videos with you all, But i work very hard on designing this page and dedicate some bits of time i have to post on here. I don't think i am going to post anymore download links to other artist music (unless it is my own music,since i'm also an artist.) I mean i will continue to post the internet videos i find of new music updates online, But as far as links go no more sorry guys! I don't want to risk my page being deleted. I do intend on promoting all the artist to my best ability and promote that you purchase their music LEGALLY weather it be online or in store. Recently i've been going back out and purchasing my favorite albums in stores and it's exciting reminds me of when i was younger, purchasing them online isn't the same haha. I'm doing this, because i love the page and that all of you enjoy visiting my site! Hopefully this doesn't stop you all from visiting! Please keep in touch and stay safe this Christmas Season!
P.S. I will continue to post "New Artist" that i find on myspace. I have a lot of friends that work on music who will be offering some music clips available to download for free so look out for those from time to time ok?! I have their permission so it can't be deleted. Peace & Love - Kaleo

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