Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Video: Musiq Soulchild - Silky Soul (An All-Star Tribute To Maze Ft. Frankie Beverly)

Man if you don't keep up with the neo-soul artist their music can just slip right under your radar!! I feel that artist in that genre of music are much more talented then most and its sad they don't get as much promo. Well here goes a new track and video by Musiq Soulchild called 'Silky Soul' which is an All-Star Tribute To Maze Ft. Frankie Beverly who originally recorded this track!! You could never go wrong with my dude Musiq Soulchild!! Love it man your fans are waiting for that new album!!!

New Video: Jesse Boykins III - Amorous

I've heard some buzz on this new artist 'J.Boykins III' and I was like hmm I got to check him out and i'm glad i did!! If any of you know me i'm a big neo/soul music junky!!! His video has been out for awhile it seems but they debuted it yesterday on 106 & Park!! This is his first official single i'm guessing entitled 'Amorous'. He definately has his own style and swag but he vibes just as smooth as Maxwell and Dwele!! I def see him blowing up in that realm of music. I can't believe this dude isn't signed yet! lol

Video Premiere: Kelis - Scream

Here goes the 3rd single/video for 'Scream' one of my favorite tracks off Kelis's latest album release 'Fleshtone' currently in stores. If you haven't picked up this album you are really missing out on a fantastic album!! All I will say is Kelis never dissappoints! She always comes creative and fresh!! I LOVE IT!!

New Video: Keri Hilson - Breaking Point

All I can say is DAMN!! I don't know why people hate Keri is just stunning to me and lyrically gifted. I feel like all the really good ones become a little underated and I really don't get it! She is coming back real smooth i'm feelin the swag this go round Ms. Keri BABY!!! Here goes Keri's first single 'Breaking Point' ENJOY!! =]

Video Premiere: Ciara - Speechless

Ciara's camp just released her latest single 'Speechless' off her up-coming album 'Basic Instinct' due out later this year i believe! You can always guarantee a hot video and some hot choreo! I feel like Ciara in a way has been over shadowed in the industry right now and I don't get it!! She is sure doing her thing and i'm loving it for sure! GO CICI we love it!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Video: TaeYang - I'll Be There

'I'll Be There'

'I'll Be There' (English Version)

This guy is just amazing and 1/5 of the Korean band BIG BANG!! He has just dropped his solo album 'Solar' and went straight into promoting the album hard! Like I said if america could take a step from these artists from overseas we'd be in a much better place creative wise!! Above is the video for his latest single 'I'll Be There' also including a english version!! ENJOY!!

TaeYang in certain ways is my twin as far as the way we dress, hair, and even how we take pictures he is a BEAST! lol.. (beast in s good way!) LOL!!!

New Video: Jojo - In The Dark

I've been waiting for some new Jojo and she is back with a hot new video and mixtape! I don't feel like getting reported so i'm not going to upload the mixtape for download but im sure you can find it online somewhere if you haven't already! It's a hot mixtape and i urge you to download it pronto! LOL!! The video above is for the single 'In The Dark' a very simple but artsy clip i love it! ENJOY =]

2NE1 is back with a new album,attitude, and oh yeah 3 NEW VIDEOS!!

Clap Your Hands

Can't Nobody

'Go Away'

It's just amazing when the Korean bands release a new album. They don't play around! Drop the album along with a dozen videos literally!! To where american artists sometimes wait to release videos decades apart from one another for just the one album. But 2NE1 has released 3 all in one day!!! It just floors me how creative and unique each one is and you can tell alot of hard work and money has been put into the videos. Kudos ladies!! Can't wait to see you all promote this album with live performances and all very excited!!! ENJOY!!

New Video: Kelly Rowland - Rose Colored Glasses (International Single) & Forever And A Day (U.K. single)

Nothing like some good music to take me out of hiding! Sorry i've been gone so long been going thru life and it's trials! Well looks like skies the limit for the Destiny's Child alum on the new album. It seems she has a few album release dates floating around so i'm not sure when it's release will be but i hope she drops it soon because with all the videos and singles in heavy rotation at the moment she really needs to strike while the irons hot so she can keep it up!!! I love Kelly and feel this time she is ready to really blow up as a solo artist! I've been waiting for this to happen for days!!! I mean ever since "When Love Takes Over" she has just been doing it bigger and better then ever!!! Keep it up Kels because we love it and YOU!!!!

Check out her latest video "Forever And A Day" (U.K. single)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrities Embrace Willow Smith (Will Smith's Daughter's) new single "Whip My Hair"

I think it's really awesome that Willow Smith sounds like a seasoned vet in the music game at only 9 years old!But when day your age define the talent that you have?? I don't see anything wrong with her lyrics and this young lady is very confident and don't you ask for that of today's youth?? I mean she is also the daughter of 2 of the biggests stars in the industry with very successful careers that they have both achieved and i'm sure they would only wish the best for their children and wouldn't let Willow get into any music that wasn't age appropriate. If the stars can embrace her why can't the general public?? I've seen some horrible comments that people have wrote about her and it's just pathetic how some of these people say about Willow Smith. Check out the track below and give me your views on this topic!!

I <3 love it Willow girl do your thing!!!