Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Pack is BACK! Download The Free Mixtape on MYSPACE!

From the fellas who brought you the hit single 'VANS' and 'In My Car' are back with a new mixtape which you can download for free on their MYSPACE page! Just [click here]

Friday, December 25, 2009


One of my favorite re-makes of a christmas classic. I hope you all have a great day with FAMILY & FRIENDS!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

New Video: Rihanna - Hard

Now I know this video came out earlier this month, But I've been so busy haven't been able to post much! I love this video, the concept is off the hook! Rihanna is really doing it big right now and i'm lovin it all Ms.FENTY!!! haha ENJOY!!

Video Premiere: Amerie - More Than Love ft.Fabolous

It's crazy how everytime I hear this song it just reminds me of the song I recorded for my first single 'After Lastnight'. I love this song and Amerie she did this beat justice! I'm glad it was her that got instead of someone else like I mentioned before! ENJOY!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Beyonce promotes her first fragrence 'Heat' in new commercial!

I know that you've seen Beyonce endorsing fragrence deals with other designers, but this is her first official fragrence created by Beyonce herself! Hmmm I wonder what it smells like? Hmmm haha

Monday, December 7, 2009

Janet Jackson performs 'All For You' & 'Make Me' on X-Factor

It's nice to see her back out again and she looks like she was really having fun on this performance. I love it!!

Lady Gaga performs 'Bad Romance' on X-Factor

Lady Gaga did a great job!! She is always very creative & haven't seen artist with her energy in a long time! I love it!!!

Rihanna on SNL

Rihanna Digital Short ft. Andy Samberg aka Shy Ronnie [hella funny lmfao]

Rihanna performs 'Hard' ft. Young Jeezy

Rihanna performs 'Russian Roulette'

Haters can keep talking, but Rihanna is doing her thing right now and she can't be stopped SERIOUSLY! ENJOY!!

Video Premiere: Jay Sean - Do You Remember

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lady Gaga performs 'Teeth' @ Monster Ball LIVE Montreal 2009

No matter if she fell or not this girl is a true MONSTER for this performance. I have a feeling this is going to be another great year for miss GAGA!! She is gettin it!!

Jennifer Lopez on Ellen Interview & Performed 'Louboutins'


Performs 'Louboutins'

Jennifer is such a good sport! I love the interview and performance she is AMAZING to me!

New Artist: Natalia Kills - Zombie [New Video]

Early this year I heard of Natalia and instantly became a ran. I didn't realize she had a video for the song. I came across it yesterday it's pretty dope i'm feelin that whole 'sin city' type phycadelic vibe to the video. What you guys think?

New Music: Alicia Keys & Beyonce - Put It In A Love Song

This is a new track off Alicia's new album 'The Element of Freedom' in stores December 15th 2009! The day before my BIRTHDAY YAY!!! I'm really loving this song, they sound good together!!! They should always sing together haha! Make sure to pick up that album its going to be FIRE!