Friday, March 12, 2010

Video Premiere: Lady Gaga & Beyonce starring in. 'Telephone' (The Mini-Movie)

I was so excited yesterday couldn't wait to get home turn on 'E News' and just wait for the video. In my opinion i think it was a pretty darn good video haha! Well worth the wait! Lady Gaga & Beyonce aka Honey B really did the damn thing on this video. At first I didn't get the concept right away I was just so into the artistry and colors in the video haha. The second time I watched it I was just hooked they need to put this on a special dvd along with the rest of Lady Gaga's videos lol!! Can't wait for that. The Jonas Auckerland bdirected clip was said to be inspired by 'Thelma & Louise' but with a modern twist and indeed they delivered on this sexy, yet artistic mini-movie/music video!

Check out the video & I hope you all enjoy it!!!

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