Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrities Embrace Willow Smith (Will Smith's Daughter's) new single "Whip My Hair"

I think it's really awesome that Willow Smith sounds like a seasoned vet in the music game at only 9 years old!But when day your age define the talent that you have?? I don't see anything wrong with her lyrics and this young lady is very confident and don't you ask for that of today's youth?? I mean she is also the daughter of 2 of the biggests stars in the industry with very successful careers that they have both achieved and i'm sure they would only wish the best for their children and wouldn't let Willow get into any music that wasn't age appropriate. If the stars can embrace her why can't the general public?? I've seen some horrible comments that people have wrote about her and it's just pathetic how some of these people say about Willow Smith. Check out the track below and give me your views on this topic!!

I <3 love it Willow girl do your thing!!!


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