Friday, October 22, 2010

Video Premiere: Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)

I know alot of people said this video was whack and they expected more, I mean I did too but it grew on me really fast. It's just visually stunning, the landscape scenary, just BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad that Rihanna seems happy and is just having fun this go round the concept is there. This is the 1st single 'Only Girl(In The World)' off her soon to be released album 'LOUD'. I see the direction of this album and even though it only contains 11 tracks I'm sure its going to be packed with hard hitting club tracks mos def! People give her a hard time but I don't get it shouldn't it still be Chris Brown backlash? He ruined his own career not Rihanna. HAHA LOVE YOU RIRI!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the website...Thank for keeping it up!

I too love this video...RiRi is hot, and the director makes the Video dance...its a dance record 100% so its a perfect fit!