Sunday, May 10, 2009

Behind-The-Scenes: Cassie - Must Be Love ft. Diddy [Music Video]

I was just visiting my friends over at Fresh and Fab and noticed a post with a music video clip of Cassie's 1st single "Must Be Love" off her sophmore album. I swear i heard the song before and I remembered this was a track off the first Day26 album or maybe a bonus track. My question is why is Diddy recycling music? I think Cassie's version is ok, But my boys Day26 already did this song justice. I don't get why Diddy would have Cassie do it when they Day 26 version is already all over the place. Why Diddy? Why? haha.

Day26 - Must Be Love

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prince said...

cassie is wack to me sorry oh hey kaleo how you been doin