Sunday, May 24, 2009

'So You Think You Can Dance' Judging Because Of Sexual Prefrence?

I was browsing around and came across this clip over at my friend's blog Euphorialand. I didn't really understand why the judges came down so hard on them and kept emphasizing on the fact that it was 2 guys dancing together. They both dance very well and i'm sure if let into the show they would both do good. I just didn't appreciate how they were obvisiosly being discrimated and embaressed on national television for the fact that they were 2 male dancers. I mean 1 is gay the other is straight, right? It's just dancing, having fun, & showing their individual talent's to the world. In my eye's just not cool how they we're being segragated, also considering the termoil in the world right now with the gay community and prop 8. I just feel everyone should be given EQUAL RIGHTS no matter the race,sexual orientation,beliefs, and or disablilities correct? I've been envolved in the entertainment world most of my life and most of the dancers i've met have been gay and are very good friends of mine and this of course is upsetting to them. Anyway give me your views on this clip.

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