Friday, July 31, 2009

Battle Of The Bald Headed Beauties Begins ....

Solange is still cute to me,But I miss her hair HAHA!
(purely self expression,gotta love her,just a shock since i just seen her a week before she shaved it all off)

Cassie still lookin cute,was just a shocker at first =P
(I still think she could've gone a little more edgy tho)
Rihanna is rockin the shaved faux hawk!
(The reigning fashionista)
Amelle is workin the shaved side A-Cut
(The smartest of the bunch i think,very versitile cut)

Amber Rose is holdin it down the bald look
(This is too cute on her)
Who's your favorite bald headed diva of the moment?


Ocram Notgnirra said...

My favorite Diva is that amber Rose! I am in love with her style...

mediacation said...

LOVING this post and KMBB. Thanks for the very flattering post and credit to mediacation. Looking forward to staying in touch.

MikeySAURUS said...

I like Solange's cut...I can't wait to see how she works it. Her swag is just INSANE so I know she will work it. And Rhi Rhi is always the Swag I love her hair too!