Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kelly Rowland Talks New Album, Working Overseas + New Photos

Since going solo Kelly Rowland hasn’t seen much success in the US but has been having a better luck overseas. Kelly tells USA Today that she had decided to embrace the international market that loves her. She recently had a number one hit with When Love Takes Over one of the three songs she recorded with David Guetta.

“Here, sometimes it’s like my
music didn’t quite work, but overseas it’s on top of everybody’s chart. I’ve had more international success than domestic success, and I think that opens my eyes up to music. I mean, I just got back from performing in Lebanon. Lebanon!” she says.
Kelly hopes to release a solo album by the end of 2009 or early 2010.
“I have a new boost of energy,” she says. “All the creative juices are flowing, and I’m having so much fun in the studio because I’m making
dance records. And I’m working with producers who are just as curious about the sound internationally, too.”

She says her next release will be dance-heavy, but she won’t forget her R&B roots. While she still covets domestic success working toward that success won’t be her guiding light, she says.
“I don’t ever want to get in a box to where I’m thinking that this is the only place that can ever exist,” she says. “I love being overseas just as much as I love being home. Plus, I know all my eating spots over there now, so I’m good!”

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