Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amerie vs. Kaleo More Than Love / After Lastnight Combo!!!

Above is a song I wrote in 2006 called 'After Lastnight' and the track was made from this producer from Finland named Hi-Fly. I never really confirmed the track as mine officially, but it got me pretty well known after I recorded this video out here locally. Amerie's is one of my favorite artist and she has a new track off her up-coming release called 'More Than Love' track 7 on the LP which shares the same exact beat as mine. It's really crazy hearing the beat I knew it would blow up!!! I'm just glad they didn't bite my lyrics I would've been pissed! LOL... Below is Amerie's 'In Love & War' album sampler, Check out track 7 'More Than Love' I'm really glad it was her who got it and nobody else!! It fits her well!!! =]

Tell me what you think ok??!!

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