Friday, October 9, 2009

Video Premiere: Sugababes - About A Girl

Can I just say I was very excited to see this video and quickly disappointed after watching this what can only be called a "HOT MESS". The girls looked beautiful of course, but the entire concept is whack as hell. Let me go through a list of things that annoyed me.

1. Why all the short film sucky acting bits for? It just didn't make any sense hella killed the entire video.

2. The choreo was blahhhhhh..same ol' junk you see very low budget cheap ass u.s. video crap! It reminded me of the desert with Destiny's Child's 'Cater 2 U' but was awful. Destiny's Child rocked that video though, one of my favorites by DC love them!

3. It looked very rushed and just sloppy, you can tell there was no type of planning at all.

4. The Sugababes need to get another director to re-shoot this entire video. It would have been interesting if it was them as the 3 girls fighting the bad guys or whatever.

5. I'm so done and ready to hear the album, I love the Sugababes and miss Keisha haha!!

p.s. I love Jade too don't get me wrong, just sounds way off without Keisha.

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