Monday, June 14, 2010

Kelly performs 'Commander' @ The Graham Norton Show [6/14/10]

Simply Amazing!! Kelly sure brought that fire in this performance! Hot new look, hot outfit, hot vocals!! As each performances i'm seeing of 'Commander' she just gets stronger vocally and her presence is totally felt in a bigger way!!! This track is a monster and I think personally it would do good on radio here in the U.S. everyone is copying the whole electro dance sound out here anyway. All I know is Kelly is making major moves!! I can't wait to see what else her promotional tour has in store for us all!!! =P ENJOY!!

p.s. I kind of feel like after Kelly made a hit with David Guetta on 'When Love Takes Over' every other artist from the U.S. gravy trained off her swag lol!! The only ones who are ok are The Black Eyed Peas, but everyone else so sad stop being a swagger jacker lol!!!

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