Monday, June 7, 2010

Live Performance: Big Bang II Electric Love Tour 2010 @ Yokohama Arena, Japan. Aired on TBS JAPAN (27.03.2010

Big Bang Electric Love Tour Concert (Intro)

'Gara Gara Go!' (Big Bang)

'Acting Like Nothing's Wrong' (T.O.P./Solo)

'A Good Man' (Big Bang)

'Stylish' (Big Bang)

'With U' [English Version] (Big Bang)

'Wedding Dress' (Taeyang/Solo)

Earlier this year the fellas of the Korean Pop/Hip Hop Super Group... BIG BANG! embarked on their tour. Above are a few of my favorite performances from the concert! I enjoyed the concert so much i had it imported from Japan! Amazing from start to finish. I hope you all enjoy these videos and drop a comment and let me know what you think ??! ENJOY!!

p.s. if you want to search up the entire concert, you can find it on youtube!

also if you would like to order the Big Bang Electric Love Tour 2010 on dvd order it off cdjapan!!

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