Monday, June 29, 2009

The 2009 BET Music Awards Live Performances

Jay Z - D.O.A.(Death To Autotune)

Beyonce - Ave Maria

I need to be honest and I know people are going to hate on me for this, But I think the best performance's of the night whether it be stage presence or vocal abilities would have to go to the following...

Beyonce (vocally on point no doubt!)
Jay-Z(it was amazing to see the power couple at work)
Jamie Foxx (he is just awesome)
Ne-Yo (vocally on point)
Trey Songz (it was good to see him be able to shine)
Tyrese(the mans got soul for days)
Maxwell(his voice is just magical)
Keri Hilson (stage show was hot!)
and newcomer...
Drake (i see a big future for this dude)

Those are the only performances I enjoyed, Along with Bel Biv Devoe's performance now that's how you comeback! I love Keyshia Cole too, But I expect more from her and Monica vocally, I know they can sing I mean DAMN! Anyway i'm not hatin just giving my personal opinion. It was not really a Michael Jackson Tribute and you know it. Michael Jackson deserves a better put together Tribute then that. I think a re-do is in order, My bad just being honest.

P.S. I also was so tied up in my own personal stuff that i wasn't able to post anything about the recent passing of Michael Jackson. I was very upset when I first heard. I'm 30 this year in december and i practically grew up in a family and home who are fans of the Jackson's music. He is in a way better place now, May God bless his family with love and comfort during this time of loss. My prayers are with you all, He will be missed!!

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