Monday, June 15, 2009

Video Premiere: Cassie - Must Be Love ft. Diddy

I think Cassie looks beautiful even with the shocking new hairdo, She needs to step up the vocals and should of added a little dance routine to this track it could've been hot!(Still love her tho) I don't like that Diddy has to be on every track his artist come out with, I mean it's her second album she should be able to carry the 1st single without him. I'm not a hater i applaud Diddy for bringing out some hot tunes lately for his artist, but again like i said before this was a track originally recorded by Day 26 and they nailed this track hands down. Even though they didn't release it on their first album it's just ya know? I don't know tell me what ya think ok??!

P.S. I like the whole special effect thing with the fire and all tho..It was sorta hot haha. But overall thought they could maybe shoot a re-do as well haha.

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