Monday, June 29, 2009

Video Premieres: Day 26 - Stadium Music/ Girlfriend / Truth Is A Lie

'Stadium Music'


'Truth Is A Lie'

Recently 3 videos have dropped on the net from R&B group Day26. They consist of the singles 'Stadium Music, Girlfriend, & Truth Is A Lie'. As far as these being official videos I'm not really sure, They kind of look like rough drafts. I've been noticing a lot of artist are droppin low budget videos and with the economy i totally understand. If an artist has that magic they don't need big lights and flashy special effects. These guys are working hard so hopefully they get a dope video for the next single, which ever one it may be.
I want them to make an official video for 'Perfectly Blind' haha i know it's a slow track, But thats my jam!

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