Friday, November 27, 2009

New Music: Kanye West - I'm So Appalled

Kanye West - I'm So Appalled [FIRST LISTEN]
I really don't care what people have to say about Kanye. I think this guy is a artist who is just being himself. If you think he is a asshole or a jerk your just not open-minded to how talented he really is besides the drama and outburst. It reminds me of how Solange did that interview and called out the reporter, seriously wouldn't you speak out if someone said anything disrespectful no matter where it was? I believe myself to be a very classy type person, but honestly if someone had something negative to say about me I would surely call them on it no matter where I was. Yes, It wasn't really polite of Kanye to jump on stage like that with Taylor, but who cares what her age was, she could have continued talking and played it off. Instead she made everyone feel sorry for her and all that it did was promote her more. If anything he exposed her name more..It's all in the music industry this is what they do. Now you can't turn on your t.v. without seeing her everywhere. Anyways something i always go by is 'If you don't speak up,you'll never be heard' ..something to think about huh? ENJOY!!

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