Monday, November 16, 2009

Video Premiere: Beyonce - Video Phone ft. Lady Gaga [World Premiere Exclusive]

I think the video is pretty spicy I guess you can say lol. I've never seen Beyonce as sexually explicit as she is here, It might take some getting used to for me. I do like all the colors and artistic ideas put into it. It's still missing a full on concept to me though, well i think it was meant to be more for fun then anything else. Beyonce to me did good, Lady Gaga I love her very much also.

I feel like Lady Gaga didn't really have a big role to play as far as costume changes and cameos etc, her verse was crazy off the hook though! I would have liked to see a little bit more coming from my Gaga! haha It's all good I love both of them!!! I saw an interview Lady Gaga did on 106&park talking about the video and she said out of respect for Beyonce she wanted to just keep it simple and tribute Beyonce in the video. Which is pretty cool of her I think. She also went on to say that Beyonce is very sweet and has such a great spirit.

Two of the biggest stars in the world at this moment and they are both so humble and extremely talented, I love this collabo. I can't wait to see what they do for 'Telephone ft. Beyonce' the video.

They are both releasing albums on the 11/23/09 that will both be in stores!!!


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Kim Claudio said...

I think the video needs more work or just to fade out period the song is awful and gosh this is not no where near being ever a hit..