Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Review: Obsessed (2009)

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Film: Obsessed (2009)

Release Date: 4/24/2009

I went to watch 'Obsessed' lastnight and it was such a good movie! A lot of people have there opinion on how Beyonce did in the movie, But I think she found her element in this one. She really did an AWESOME job, I think it being Beyonce's first non-singing role was also what made it that much more appealing. I heard haters in the theater talking and by the middle of the movie people had quickly changed their perception on her acting chops. The fight scene was the best which you can preview above, The full fight scene was way better though I can't wait til the DVD comes out haha! Over all I think she did very well and not just because I'm a fan actually I almost forgot it was her while watching the movie haha technically speaking of course haha.

As far as Ali Larter & Idris Elba they are both very skilled actors did a very good job at their roles as the 'husband' and 'obsessed temp'. In a way he led her on though not to an excessive point, But that comment tipped her off "If I was single, I would" he didn't have to say all that even if he was trying to make her feel better. He did stay a very good husband though fighting all urges to give in. Ali looked stunning in the movie and played the obsessed temp girl to a T haha, made it a very interesting and worth while watch. All in all I recommend this film for anyone who likes a good exciting thriller.

Go check out the movie 'Obsessed' in theaters NOW!!

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