Friday, April 24, 2009

The Reunion of Danity Kane, Well.... Not Really.

DK Reunion
by yardie4lifever2

It was definately weird seeing them all together, you can tell there was tons of tension on the stage. I didn't really like the fact that they seemed fake in the way they all were acting. Except for Dawn, she's my girl! Shannon kind of seemed sincere, I just felt tons of bad energy coming off D.Woods & Aubrey. It really sucks too that Aundrea didn't come through so we could hear her side of the story.

I mean the other thing that was so irriating is that it was sort of pointless to have them all there they side stepped every question as far as what really happened between the group. In all that time they had apart you would think they could atleast be somewhat respectful and acknowledge one another.

They all looked beautiful except my girl Aubrey still cute, but seemed a little HIGH,STONED, or something her eyes were open hella big and yeah. It was funny when they asked her what she thought about what Rob said to Que about being like Aubrey and she replied "OK QUE I GUESS YOU CAN BE THE PRESIDENT OF MY HATER FAN CLUB" and than Dawn looked at her real quick like "WTF?!" haha. Her anwser should have been directed towards Rob am i RIGHT? haha anyway ENJOY haha!

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