Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Music Video: SHINee - Juliette [2008/Romeo Album Era]

Juliette [Original Version]

Juliette [Dance Version]

This is yet again another single off their 2nd album 'Romeo' which is a extention of 'The first repackaged album 'Amigo' the single is entitled 'Juliette'. They actual released original versions of the video along with a full dance version for most of the singles they released from their first album projects. SHINee like I've mentioned before are known for their dance moves among other things. The 'Romeo' album consisted of 6 brand new tracks, It's kind of confusing how they release albums in Korea if you don't follow it closely. But it's totally awesome If your a music lover because the music does not stop for long. They release the first 'official album' and then the 'extention album' and then still call it 'the first album' just with new tracks.

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