Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SHINee perform 'Ring Ding Dong' @ MBC Gayo Festival 2009 Live

Above SHINee performs 'Ring Ding Dong' @ MBC Gayo Festival 2009 Live. Its one of my favorite performances because they seem to be having alot of fun and those outfits are so FRESH! Check out more 'Ring Ding Dong' performances just [click here]... ENJOY!!

After the full promotion of the '2009,Year Of Us' album debut the fellas yet again got busy in the studio recording their official 2nd album entitled 'Lucifer' which was released in early 2010!! Which in my opinon is one of their best albums to date! It shows a big change in their style and really showcases the growth they all have been through in the past 2-3 years since their debut back in 2008. It also shows them in the credits for writing a big percentage of this album which I will post up for you to preview next!

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