Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SHINee perform 'Lucifer' [Random Live Performances]

Lucifer @ Music Bank

Lucifer @ G.Holic

Lucifer [Rock Version]

Lucifer @ Music Core


Up & Down / Lucifer

They definately are showing that they are here to stay with this album 'Lucifer' they went into heavy promotion one of their biggest singles and the most anticipated albums of this year. The intricate dance moves and futuristic artistry of this video and project makes for a classic hit record and their performances are just captavating. They just took a very fearless approach this go round with their music, ever changing style, and over all packaging which shows them as a force to be wreckoned with!

As you can see Minho is missing from some of these performances, I think he had a knee or ankle injury I'm not very sure. Sometimes you can see him on the side still performing and keeping up with the band It says alot for these guys as a whole and it's important to him and all the members that he is a part of the group. It made me appreciate what they do alot more! They truely are a fantastic group of guys!

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