Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SHINee performs A full set on The Muzit stage.

Replay & Wowowow

Talk about favorite music & Solo live(+Taemin playing piano)

I'm yours/I'll be missing you/Juliet(LMNT)

화살 Quasimodo (My favorite SHINee song right now!)

Talk about Lyricist SHINee/Singing 'SHINee song'

Dancing to LLO/Juliette/RDD + Lucifer Live

Practice for band live/ Singing in the car(Juliet/ I'm yours)

Singing in the car(7 years of love/Girls/Tic Toc) + Rehearsal

Talk about Minho's absense / 'Ring Ding Dong' performance

I wish I could understand Korean! Thank to subtitles or I'd be totally lost! They played a very nice set here on The Muzit. They even performed a few english cover songs, over all their performances were outstanding. By far my favorite performance was of the single 'Quasimodo' one of my most favorite tracks off the 'Lucifer' album!

Well I hope you enjoyed that I sure did I watched each one before I posted it here LOL! It was also cool too see them behind the scenes just having fun. This is only have the promotion they did for this 'Lucifer' album so much so that they recently put out 3 new tracks for their most recent repackaged album "Hello" which videos & performance I will be posting next!

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