Friday, October 31, 2008

90's Throwback: Janet Jackson - Twenty Foreplay [1995 R&B]

Janet Jackson - Twenty Foreplay [Watch Video Here]
Well I thought it would only be right after my Michael Jackson post to put up one of my favorite songs by Ms. Janet Jackson. This is the video for "Twenty Foreplay" one of the best singles & video she has put out. It's off the "Design Of A Decade" album released in 1995. The video was modeled after the late Marilyn Monroe & Dorthey Dandridge, such a beautiful song & video from Janet also a classic in my eyes. It never really had the oppurtunity to become a big record for her, "Runaway" was single that took off also a good track. If you want to check out the video there is a link upbove where you can check it out. Below are 2 single from the "Design Of A Decade" album "Runaway" & "Twenty Foreplay" Enjoy the 90's Throwback post of the moment.
Janet Jackson - Twenty Foreplay [DL]
Janet Jackson - Runaway [DL]

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