Friday, October 31, 2008

New Music: Amerie - Memory [New? Not So New? I Dunno,But i love it!]

Amerie/Mystery Artist?: - Memory [DL] (or someone else perhaps?)

Here goes a track that i found earlier today on another music blog. I did a little more research and people are saying it was a demo Amerie recorded for Bad Boy Records Princess "Cassie" said to be on her upcoming album. I listened to it and did not hear Amerie's voice in it at all. I mean i don't know it could be, But Amerie has such a unique distinct voice you would be able to tell right away. I don't know really, If anything it kind of sounds like a demo Keri Hilson may have sang for Cassie or whoever. That's just my opinion, But who knows it could be Amerie she may be trying something new.

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