Friday, October 31, 2008

New Music Update: Britney Spears - "Circus" Album Cover + Official Tracklisting

Track Listing:
1. Womanizer
2. Circus
3. Out From Under
4. Kill The Lights
5. Shattered Glass
6. If U Seek Amy
7. Unusual You
8. Blur
9. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby
Bonus Track:13. Radar [Blackout?]
Here goes the Official album cover & Tracklisting for Britney's up-coming album "Circus". It has all been confirmed over at her official website, her next single will be the up-tempo track "Circus". It's only right to release it has the next single, I'm curious to hear the other tracks and it looks like she is getting a lil spicy on "Mmm Papi" haha i want to hear the song she wrote about me hahaha J/K! Tell me what you guys think ok?! Enjoy!! Circus hits stores December 2nd 2008.
[Thanks for the official confirmation: Dakota &]


dakota said...

It's the official Tracklisting.
It was posted on (the official site of britney spears herself.

Kaleo of The Music Boom Box said...
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Kaleo of The Music Boom Box said...

I know thanks Dakota just saw it on the website. I put "possible" because other people like to argue sometimes. Tracklists always change also, so i didn't want to jump t he gun til i saw it. I saw the site now so thanks =)